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Via Rosa Bardelli 2/A
44011 Consandolo (FE)
Tel. +39 0532 858004
Fax +39 0532 858837
B-TEC factory at Consandolo / Italy

An innovative company with tradition

B-TEC is one of the most innovative and trend setting companies in the PVC extrusion industry today.

Based on more than 30 years of experience with extrusion of all types of PVC profiles.

B-TEC's key area is the development and manufacture of extrusion tooling and extruder downstream equipment, including special "inline" machines for punching, assembly and packing of profiles.

With more than 6500mē of production area available, most of the B-TEC components are designend, manufactured and tested in our factory in Italy.

B-TEC products and services are offered worldwide with many statisfied customers in many different countries.

 Gianfranco Bassi  Walter Broich  Maurizio Zama

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The particular strength of B-TEC's development and manufacturing team is the result of the synergy of many years experience and innovative creativity.

Consequently, all B-TEC components achieve technical and functional perfection.
As individual solutions, they are always tailored to the respective national market.

European standards and the highest quality criteria are always applied.

All B-TEC components guarantee you maximum performance and production, optimum product quality, convenient handling, a long life and ease of service in combination with high cost efficiency.