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Panel Production

Window Sill
Window Sill Profiles

B-TEC is one of the main suppliers for tooling and downstream equipment especially designed to produce highest quality "Wide Panels" for window-sill, door cavity-closures and wall-panel applications.

Wide panel lines are available as turn-key projects for panels up to 1000 mm width.

Also double strand solutions for high speed wall panel production form 2x100mm width to 2x 400 mm width are part of our delivery program.

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B-TEC's 1000mm Panel Extrusion Line

Special Panel Line Features:

  • Computer optimized design of the die flow channel.
  • Perfect material distribution guarantees for troublefree operation.
  • Die under carrige for easy handling.
  • Special calibrator design for best surface quality, straightness and flatness of the pannels.
  • Strong stainless steel calibrator mounting frame.
  • Fully motorized 4-axis calibration table movement.
  • Optimal vacuum system with high performance, low noise vacuum pumps.
  • Strong, reliable haul-off with min. 40.000 N pulling force built with brushless motors of the newest technology.
  • Special wide panel saw with combined vertical and horizontal saw blade movement guarantees for perfect, trouble free cutting.
  • Combined with a separate powder suction unit most of the waste is eliminated during the cutting process.
  • Special, extra strong storage unit, activated by electrical drive with a security clutch protecting against overload.
  • Equipped with both stand alone controls and extruder synchronized controls.

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1000x40mm Panel Tool with under carriage

Panel Tool, opened for service