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B-TEC Window Extrusion Equipment

With over 30 years of experience in window profile production B-TEC guarantees a fully developed, highly fuctional design for all our window extrusion equipment.
All components are designed for a very long life with long maintenance intervals. B-TEC components are available for Single and Multiple Strand extrusion. High Speed extrusion lines as well as economic solutions are provided.
If you are looking for the highest standards in the industry, B-TEC equipment is made for you.

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Window Extrusion Tooling

B-TEC develops and manufactures extrusion dies and calibrators for PVC window profiles in single and multiple strand versions. Dies for profiles with integral Seals and Multiple Coextrusion are also supplied. Mainly modern CAD/CNC technology is used in manufacturing the tools.

B-TEC calibrators for window profiles feature:
Window Profile Calibrator
  • Very high cost efficiency, easy installation, operation and unique ease of servicing.
  • The use of non-corroding, hard wearing steel ( > HRC 34) throughout guarantees a very long service life. Production of more than 1.000.000 meters of profile before overhaul have been achieved by most of our customers.
  • Unique design of the vacuum slots for perfect shape, better gloss and low shrinkage.
  • Long cleaning intervals during continuous production.
  • Minimal energy and water consumption
  • Very low haul-off forces.
  • All stainless steel calibrator basis (no aluminium, no plastics)
  • Vaccum-cooling tanks with independent adjustments for water level and vacuum.
  • Production speed up to 6m/min (main frame profiles) .
  • Prolonged dry calibrators with optimized cooling efficiency for high speed extrusion.
  • Reliable adjustment system for profile straightness.
  • Hinge system with security device for operators safety and integrated closure system

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B-TEC dies for window profiles feature:

Window Profile Die opened for cleaning
  • High cost efficiency, easy installation, operation and unique ease of servicing.
  • Made of non-corroding, hard wearing steel ( > HRC 34) throughout
  • Guaranteed for a very long production life.
  • Long term stability of die gap dimensions for trouble free operation.
  • Sectioned band heaters permit effective control of the melt flow in daily production.
  • The central web lining in B-TEC extrusion dies ensures a greatly improved profile quality and dimensional accuracy of the inner webs of the profile.
  • Integrated guide pins for secure mounting and servicing.
  • B-TEC extrusion dies can be cleaned more quickly and gently.

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Window Extrusion Downstream

Window line
Window Extrusion Lines

Main features:
  • State of the Art design with latest technology throughout.
  • Energy saving design and low noise technology for environment protection and best production efficiency.
  • Built with most reliable first brand components available worldwide.
  • Solid welded frames are the base of every machine.
  • Stainless materials are used where process water comes into contact with machine components.
  • Available in standard configuration or 100% to customers specification.
  • Every B-TEC machine can also be integrated individually in existing production lines without problems.

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Calibrator Table
Calibrator Table

Calibrator Tables

Special features:
  • B-TEC offers wide variation in its calibrator tables.
  • It is possible to choose different lengths and widths of the tables.
  • Suitable for all commonly used calibrator systems on the market.
  • Individual number of vacuum pumps, connections and type of control.
  • Air/Water separators are integrated to ensure trouble-free and energy-saving operation of vacuum tanks.
  • Water recirculation system with temperature control and water pressure boost pump.
  • Integrated air blower for profile drying.

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Window Haul-off

Caterpillar Haul-Off

Special features:
  • Caterpillar haul-offs, purpose built for window profile extrusion.
  • Upper caterpillar swivel for easy production startup
  • Double strand version with double caterpillar available
  • Inverter controlled AC drives
  • Rubber pads with quick change system to adapt to difficult profile shapes.
  • Devices for film application and profile marking units can be installed on all haul-offs for single and double strand extrusion.

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Window Profile Saw

Cutting Units

Special features:
  • Various models in different lengths and widths are available.
  • Standard saw units up to 1000mm profile width.
  • Guillotine type units for main profiles and accessories.
  • Pneumatic double profile clamping.
  • Strong, adjustable profile guides.
  • Integrated tip table control
  • Noise reduction technology.

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Downstrean Equipment
Window Profile Tip Table

Profile Storage

Special features:
  • Various models in different lengths and widths are available.
  • Pneumatic or electo-mechanical activation.
  • Integrated profile length control.
  • The top models bundle the profiles and, if required, pack them ready for despatch.

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Protection Foil Applicator
Protection Foil Applicator

Line Accessories

Marking unit
Profile Marking Unit
  • Mechanical Marking units
  • Foil applicators
  • Brushes
  • and more ...

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